Terrassen workshop: A school for (Collective Media)
04.05.21 17.06.21

Circling around collective and collaborative ways of producing and dealing with moving images in our multiple pasts , futures , and nows the workshop will put an emphasis on collaboration and how the practical and the theoretical charge each other and mingle in non-binary and unexpected ways (if you allow them to do so). An […]

24 September, 2021
Don Mee Choi – public lecture and poetry reading followed by a conversation

Don Mee Choi will read from her latest book of mixed-media poetry DMZ Colony (Wave Books, 2020) and an essay pamphlet Translation is a mode=Translation is an anti-neocolonial mode (UDP, 2020). She will discuss some of her poetic, visual, and translation devices: the excavation of exiled memory through her father’s photographs, archival materials, interviews, and drawings. […]

24 September, 2021
Artist Talk: Maja Lee Langvad

Maja Lee Langvad (b. 1980) is a writer and translator who lives in Copenhagen. She is the author of several books including Find Holger Danske (“Find Holger Dane”) and HUN ER VRED – Et vidnesbyrd om transnational adoption (”SHE IS ANGRY – A testimony of transnational adoption”). She has collaborated on different projects with composers, musicians, visual artists, and […]

24 September, 2021
Mini-Seminar on the Politics Translation with Maja Lee Langvad

Seminar on translation I will introduce some of the ground principles, meaning, and challenges of working with translation and experiences as a translator. Together we will read excerpts from literary texts that deal with translation in both linguistic, conceptual, and visual ways, and use the seminar to prepare for the upcoming seminar with writer and […]

24 September, 2021
Exploded Views – Exploring digital motion graphics with Naïmé Perrette
15.02.21 19.02.21

A practical After Effects course with a focus on developing individual projects. Naïmé Perrette (b.1989, France) creates multi-layer spaces that explore human relations to their social and geographical environments, using video, digital collages and installations. In her works, she has engaged with the role of labour in the construction of young adult identity, and with […]

24 September, 2021
Workshop on voice, figuration, affect, and collective listening. Stina Hasse in dialogue with Nanna Lysholt Hansen and Jane Jin Kaisen
11.02.21 12.02.21

In this intensive two-day practical-theoretical workshop we will explore voices from a materialist feminist approach in relation to aesthetic strategies of figurations and collective listening. On the first day of the workshop, we will be reading aloud excerpts from philosopher Adriana Cavarero’s work and look into her conceptualization of the voice as body and as […]

24 September, 2021
Excursion: The Royal Cast Collection (Den Kongelige Afstøbningssamling) and “I AM QUEEN MARY” by La Vaughn Belle and Jeannette Ehlers.

Organized in collaboration between the School of Media Arts, The School of Conceptual and Contextual Pracitces, and The Institute for Art, Writing and Research  10 am: Meet in front of the Royal Cast Collection 10-12 Guided tour of the collection with Henrik Holm 12 noon: View “I AM QUEEN MARY” by La Vaughn Belle and […]

24 September, 2021
Help the Dead – Film screening and artist talk with Every Ocean Hughes

Every Ocean Hughes (EOH), f.k.a. Emily Roysdon (born 1977), is an interdisciplinary artist and writer. EOH’s recent projects take the form of performance, photographic installations, print making, text, video, and curating. EOH was editor and co-founder of the queer feminist journal and artist collective, LTTR. Her many collaborations include music with The Knife, Colin Self, […]

24 September, 2021
Responsiveness and Influence – A seminar with Agnieszka Polska

Tuesday 9. February, 2021 – Tuesday 11. May, 2021 Ideas travel through societies like electric impulses travel through the network: a relay , tripped by a signal, emits another signal. As Warren S. McCulloch – early cybernetician, states:  The signal’s […] effect depends only on conditions where it ends, not where it begins.  An intrinsic […]

24 September, 2021
Artist talk: Jeannette Ehlers

9. November 2020, 14:00-16:00 Organized in collaboration between the School of Media Arts, The School of Conceptual and Contextual Practices, and the Institute for Art, Writing and Research

24 September, 2021
Katja Novitskova – Online Artist Talk and Q&A.

Wednesday 27.01.2021, 15.00 – 17.00 Novitskova’s work tackles the complexity and eventual failures of depicting the world through technologically driven narratives. By bringing together art and science to the level of nature, Novitskova brings awareness to the mediation and representation tools used to depict these realms. More specifically, Novitskova’s work focuses on the mapping of […]

24 September, 2021
Making an Entrance or What is Seen Ain’t Even – performance workshop with Geo Wyeth

16,17. 12. 2020, 10am – 3pm This workshop will extend and play with the scale, threshold, and flavor of “the entrance” as a well-worn gesture of stage and screen.  We will conduct group theatrical exercises (physical and vocal), share some favorite examples of entrances from our surrounding cultures, and create our own lexicon or moves […]

24 September, 2021
“Wild Relatives” screening and a conversation with Jumana Manna

Wednesday 25. November, 2020 As a visual artist working primarily in video and sculpture, Jumana Manna explores how power is articulated through relationships, often focusing on the body and materiality in relation to narratives of nationalism and histories of place. Manna’s works have been exhibited internationally in both solo and group exhibitions, including the Toronto Biennale (2019); Jumana […]

24 September, 2021
Lecture and conversation with The Forest Curriculum (Pujuta Guha and Abhijan Toto)

6.11.2020, 13.00-16.00 The Forest Curriculum is an itinerant and nomadic platform for indisciplinary research and mutual co-learning. It proposes to assemble a located critique of the Anthropocene via the naturecultures of zomia, the forested belt that connects South and Southeast Asia. The Forest Curriculum works with artists, researchers, indigenous organizations and thinkers, musicians, activists. It […]

24 September, 2021
Travels in Time and Scale – A seminar with Agnieszka Polska

Thursday 22. October, 2020 – Tuesday 5. January, 2021 Due to the varied speeds of contemporary communication processes and the recursivity of these systems, one of the qualities of the Information Age is its entanglement with overlapping time frames and its involvement with different scales.  The technology user, in their non-linear journey, may depart from […]

24 September, 2021
Presentation by Cosmin Costinas on the exhibition “A Journal of the Plague Year. Fear, ghosts, rebels. SARS, Leslie and the Hong Kong story”

21.10.2020, 11:00-13:00 Lecture and conversation with Cosmin Costinas and Inti Guerrero on their exhibition A Journal of the Plague Year. Fear, ghosts, rebels. SARS, Leslie and the Hong Kong story. Starting from the events that affected Hong Kong in the spring of 2003, the exhibition traced the different narratives, historical backgrounds as well as the […]

24 September, 2021
What Could Sustainability in Curating Be? Kuratorisk Aktion, CAMP, documenta fifteen” Lecture by Frederikke Hansen, followed by conversation with Jane Jin Kaisen

20. 10. 2020, 10:00-12:30 Together with Tone Olaf Nielsen, Hansen is co-founder of the curatorial collective Kuratorisk Aktion (2005–). Kuratorisk Aktion has curated such pioneering exhibitions and publications as Rethinking Nordic Colonialism: A Postcolonial Exhibition Project in Five Acts (2006), The Road to Mental Decolonization (2008), and TUPILAKOSAURUS: An Incomplete(able) Survey of Pia Arke’s Artistic […]

24 September, 2021
Writing Workshop with Jonas Eika

28.01 – 02.02.2021 On the first day of the workshop we’ll be reading excerpts from different kinds of literature – poetry, science-fiction, cut-up prose, and theory (of the more performative kind) – and let ourselves be inspired by them through small writing exercises. The texts and our conversation will revolve around issues of voice, memory, […]

24 January, 2021
Seminar with Vladimir Tomic

Wednesday 20. April, 202210:00 – 16:00 Vladimir Tomic’s art films belong in the field of contemporary art as well as experimental documentary. The main themes in his productions are inspired by very universal and human tensions, for example between the individual identity and the changing structure of the society. Tomic’s work has been awarded many […]

4 April, 2020