Hyunjin Kim: Frequencies of Tradition, Frequencies for Sustainable Future

May 22-26: Lecture, Workshop and studio visits Hyunjin Kim   Presentation & seminar Frequencies of Tradition, Frequencies for Sustainable FutureHow can tradition be engaged with as a mode of environmental sustainability? Although negative perceptions have alienated tradition as a source of patriarchal, authoritarian, hierarchical, and outdated customs, tradition still connects various generations, transmits values of community, […]

17 January, 2023
Duration, memory, geography, migration in relation to non-linear narratives and their technical procedures: An editing workshop with Angela Melitopoulos 

March 1 and 2 from 11-17 Angela Melitopoulos is based in Berlin and has been making video essays, multi screen installations, documentaries and music pieces since 1985. Angela Melitopoulos works on cine(so)matic cartographies in which moving bodies and site traversals create mnemonic milieus. Her interest in the theoretical qualities of time-based media include a constant […]

17 January, 2023
Video installation workshop with Marie Kølbæk Iversen

February 20, 10-16: Media School (presentation) and Performancerummet former Audiensgemakket (workshop)  February 21. 10-16: Performancerummet (Audiensgemakket)    During these two days we will be exploring the medium of video art and the potentialities of different installatory strategies. I will start on Monday morning with an artist’s talk to present previous video and installation works of mine. This […]

17 January, 2023
Julie Edel Hardenberg

February 13, 10.00-16.00, 2023: Introduction of Julie Edel Hardenberg: “Born into colonial power structures – decolonising my mind.” Location: Media School. March 27-31, 10-16: Seminar with Julie Edel Hardenberg   Julie Edel Hardenberg (b. 1971) was born and raised in Nuuk, Kalaallit Nunaat/Greenland. She studied art in Finland, Norway, and England before gaining her MA in Art […]

17 January, 2023
Seminar with Jeannette Ehlers jointly organized with the Context School

January 11 and 12, 2023 10-16 What does it mean to perform in public space? In this seminar we will go through some strategies, limitations and possibilities within performances/ interventions in the public space. Based on the long durational performance We’re Magic. We’re Real (These Walls), which was performed during my exhibition Archives in The […]

11 January, 2023
Studio Visits with Tinne Zenner

December 5 and 6 from 10-16, 2022 Tinne Zenner is a visual artist, filmmaker and programmer based in Copenhagen. She holds an MFA from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (2016). Working with analogue film, 3D renderings and spatial installation, her work moves between the cinema and exhibition space while exploring the structures, in which […]

5 December, 2022
Public KUV lecture by Zairong Xiang about Queer Ancient Ways and thoughts on Ceremony (Burial of an Undead World) in dialogue with Jane. Via Zoom

November 23, 13.00-16.00 Link: https://kunstakademiet.zoom.us/j/4533744648?pwd=V1JtU2dFU1lxWmo2SDhpN3VySlFGdz09 Queer Ancient Ways advocates a profound unlearning of colonial/modern categories as a pathway to the discovery of new forms and theories of queerness in the most ancient of sources. In this unconventional work, Zairong Xiang investigates scholarly receptions of mythological figures in Babylonian and Nahua creation myths, exposing the ways they […]

14 November, 2022
Spiritual Fabulations: KUV Seminar with Zasha Colah

November 9-10, 2022: 10.00-16:00 + Studio visits Friday November 11 Spiritual Fabulations is a theoretical formulation, and a condensation in exhibition form, of Archive’s three-year research stream devoted to memory and collective forms of assembly, (re)memberings and (re)groundings (2021-2023). To re-member is to re-body what has been traumatised and fractured, and to piece back together […]

4 November, 2022
Creative Writing Workshop with Mikas Lang: On Memory and Desire

November 28, 29, 30 from 10.00-16.00: Media School On the first day of the workshop we will be reading excerpts from different kinds of literature from the Black and queer diaspora[1] – poetry, performative theory/auto-theory and (creative non-fiction. We will explore how experiences and subject matter can be examined and processed differently through different modes […]

25 September, 2022
Ho Tzu Nyen: Public Lecture, group crit, and studio visits

Public Lecture: Saturday, October 29, 16.00-18.00: Location: Media School, 3rd Floor by Italian Stairs Group Crits with Ho Tzu Nyen: October 30, 11.00-16.00 Studio visits with Ho Tzu Nyen: October 31 + November 1, 10.00-16.00       About Ho Tzu Nyen Ho Tzu Nyen makes films, installations and theatrical performances that often begin as engagements with […]

25 September, 2022
Trinh Minh-ha: KUV Seminar + Screening of “What about China?”and in-person conversation with Trinh Minh-ha

October 24, 2022: KUV Seminar: Media School 13.00-15.00 (only for Media School Students) Screening of “What about China?” followed by Q&A, presented by the School of Media Arts, the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and Terrassen: 17.00-20.00: Bio 1711, Flæsketorvet 38 B, 3rd floor About Trinh Minh-ha: World and language, body and text, image […]

25 September, 2022
Workshop with Larissa Sansour

October 19-20, 11.00-16.00, 2022 Location: Media School In this workshop, I will introduce my 20 year long practice and discuss the various methodologies and concepts I use in my work. I will show excerpts from my films and go through concepts explored as well as the making of various pieces spanning from sculpture to photography […]

25 September, 2022
Arthub Film Club Autumn 2022

October 5, November 2, December 7, 19.00-21.00, 2022 In the autumn of 2022 the film club is presented by Jane Jin Kaisen. She will present a selection of experimental films that engage the complex geopolitics, history, spiritual culture of Asia, and the medium of film as a critical, multisensorial, and self-reflexive artform. 05.10.22 19:00-21:00 Night Passage by […]

25 September, 2022
Experimental film workshop with Vladimir Tomic

April 21, 2022, 10:00-16:00 + studio visits April 21, 10,00-16.00

20 April, 2022
Public Lecture Series – Liisa-Rávná Finbog: “Duodji – an expression of Sámi aesthetics through a language of kinship”

Thursday March, 24, 20221: 16:00 – 18:00 Media School Meeting Room with Liisa Rávná Finbog via zoom Zoom link Description Dr. Liisa-Rávná Finbog is a Sámi scholar from Oslo, Vaapste, and Skánit in the Norwegian part of Sápmi. She is currently based in Tampere, on the Finnish side of Sápmi, where she is doing post-doc research. […]

17 March, 2022
Jane Jin Kaisen: Artistic Knowledges and Sustainable Practices Seminar

Feb 9, March 3, April 1, May 22 2022 During this seminar, we will inquire into the notion of artistic knowledge and what it may mean to develop a sustainable artistic practice. The aim of the seminar is to look beyond the immediate artwork or project one is working on. Instead, we will take a […]

12 February, 2022
Public Lecture Series – Adam Khalil on A.C.I.D. (Anti-Cinematic Insurrectionary Directing)

Monday March 14, 2022, 16:00-18:00 – Media School Meeting Room (2nd Floor, Italian Stairs) Adam Khalil on A.C.I.D. (Anti-Cinematic Insurrectionary Directing) With a prankster’s side-eye and biting critique, Adam Khalil’s work breaks and bends linear time and weaves narrative, documentary, and experimental forms together with humor and unapologetic political inquiry to address the ongoing trauma […]

31 January, 2022
Public Lecture Series: Haegue Yang: Double Soul

Wednesday 2. March, 202216:00 – 18:00 Location: Hirschsprung Auditorium, Peder Skrams Gade 2, 1054 Copenhagen In the spring of 2022, the SMK (National Gallery of Denmark) will host Haegue Yang: Double Soul, the first solo presentation by the internationally acclaimed South Korean artist Haegue Yang in Denmark. Yang’s practice spans a wide range of media, from […]

31 January, 2022
Public Lecture Series – Hyunjin Kim: Rethinking Canon: the image of history, and revisiting modernization through Gender and Tradition in the Asian region

Thursday February 10, 2022, 1 pm: Media School Meeting room (2nd Floor via Italian Staircase) with Hyunjin Kim presenting via zoom Link: https://kunstakademiet.zoom.us/j/4533744648?pwd=V1JtU2dFU1lxWmo2SDhpN3VySlFGdz09 Presenting Hyunjin Kim’s recent curatorial practice such as History Has Failed Us, But No Matter (Korean Pavilion of Venice Biennale 2019) and Frequencies of Tradition (Guangdong Times Museum, 2020 and IAP, 2021), the talk explores […]

19 January, 2022
Forest Curriculum Public Lecture – Kunsthal Charlottenborg Cinema 4-6 pm, December 10, 2021

Forest Curriculum will talk about their research stream and collective art practice on “How To Not Build A Nation”. How to Not Build a Nation is based on an understanding of the modes in which nation-states (as both conceptual configurations and empirical realities) reproduce and perpetuate colonial and pre-colonial violences, and on the role of […]

20 November, 2021
The Forest Curriculum: How To Not Build A Nation — Workshop

December 13-16, 10 am -16 pm Description The Forest Curriculum (Bangkok/Yogyakarta/Manila/Seoul/Berlin/Santa Barbara) is an itinerant and nomadic platform for indisciplinary research and mutual co-learning, based in Southeast Asia, and operating internationally. Founded and co-directed by curators Abhijan Toto and Pujita Guha, and with Rosalia Namsai Engchuan, it works with artists, collectives, researchers, indigenous organizations and thinkers, […]

14 November, 2021
Hong-Kai Wang Seminar “Ears for Home”

November 23, 13-16 / November 24, 10-16, November 26, 10-16 Description The Ears for Home seminar proposes a collaborative inquiry into the multiple strata of listening around the notion of “home/shelter/refuge.” Taking James Baldwin’s musing in Giovanni’s Room (1956) that “perhaps home is not a place but simply an irrevocable condition” as a point of departure, the seminar seeks […]

14 November, 2021
Public Lecture: Hong-Kai Wang: “Fault Line, Wind & Mountain” (Online)

November 23, 10-12 am Copenhagen time Zoom link: https://kunstakademiet.zoom.us/j/4533744648?pwd=V1JtU2dFU1lxWmo2SDhpN3VySlFGdz09 Description Hong-Kai Wang will talk about her recent projects Hazzeh, Borom and fuengu respectively produced in Jordan & Palestine; Jeju Island, South Korea; and Alishan, Taiwan. These projects move along the fault lines, follow the trajectory of winds and seek the sounds of mountains, while attempting to navigate the entanglements between radical moments and lands, […]

14 November, 2021
Anselm Franke Seminar: How to Turn the Pyramids Upside Down: Art, Decolonization and Civilizational Discourse

How to Turn the Pyramids Upside Down Art, Decolonization and Civilizational Discourse In this seminar, we will first engage with the general structure of origin stories, and then look at how to disarm and abolish modern-capitalist versions of such stories, including those that concern the origins of humankind, civilizations, science and art. In the first session, we will […]

14 November, 2021
Anselm Franke – Public Lecture

November 8, 2021: 16:00-18:00 – Festsalen Anselm Franke: Public Lecture: Below That Scheme: Decolonization and Art What does it mean to revise and decolonize (art) history? In this talk, I will be speaking about how and why “art” and especially “art history” has been historically divorced from larger cosmological questions, and what function the  – […]

14 November, 2021
Jane Jin Kaisen: “Community of Parting: Negotiating Borders and Translation Otherwise as Artistic Research”

Kaisen will talk about her artistic research PhD through which she has explored how translation and borders otherwise can manifest as resistance but also as a site for mutual recognition, dialogue, and collective emergence.The objective of the PhD was to synthesize practice and theory and advance an approach to artistic research that is inherently interdisciplinary […]

1 November, 2021
Tamar Guimarães — Lecture and Workshop

21-22 October, 2021: 11:00 – 17:00 – Media School Workshop Description My practice draws from film history, literature and anthropology, finding its  expression in process-based and collaborative formats – often as experimental  dramaturgic processes, leading to the production of films and object ensembles.  At times the outcome of my research takes on an essayistic tone […]

20 October, 2021
AFGANG 2021 — MFA degree show

Afgang (MFA Degree Show) is the annual exhibition for the graduates from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts’ Schools of Visual Arts. In these months, 28 artists are finishing their 3-year MFA education. The exhibition celebrates and presents new works created by the graduates of The Art Academy. The exhibition is at one time the […]

28 September, 2021
Hanne Lippard – Artist Talk

Hanne Lippard (*1984, Milton Keynes/UK, lives and works in Berlin) has been using language as the raw material for her work for the last decade, processing it in the form of texts, vocal performances, sound installations, printed objects and sculpture. Her work takes its place in a rich history of the performative use of the […]

24 September, 2021
Stefanie Hessler – Towards a Sensibility of Earth Systems

In her talk and conversation, Stefanie Hessler will focus on the 17th MOMENTA Biennale titled Sensing Nature she is currently curating and which is set to open in September this year in Montreal. The exhibition is informed by a desire to unsettle the divide between nature and its representation. The exhibitions will be guided by the works of […]

24 September, 2021